Three years in a row, Vogue has gifted it’s readers with a Vogue t-shirt. In June 2013, we were given a white t-shirt and in June 2014 a grey one. But those two can’t compete with this year’s black t-shirt. It’s made out of organic cotton and produced in a sustainable way. If you haven’t bought one yet, you can still buy it in stores for €7,99.


I’m sure most of you already have this t-shirt, but I’m not so sure you know all there is to know about Vogue. Studying for exams? Don’t worry, just put your books aside. I bet this subject is way more interesting than what you’re studying right now! Keep on reading for a fashionable history lesson, starring Anna Wintour.


This is Anna Wintour. She is the editor in chief of Vogue, which means she is the ‘leader’ of the magazine. Her task is to make sure everything is perfect before it’s published. Thanks to her, Vogue is one of the most well known fashion and lifestyle magazines in the entire world. Known by her bob cut and black sunglasses, Anna Wintour truly is a legend.

But Vogue wasn’t always such a success. In 1892, Arthur Baldwin Turnure created Vogue as a weekly publication. Women could read about fashion, while men could read about sports and social affairs. The magazine was only available in The United States of America. Since this was a new magazine, it didn’t have that many readers.

This is what the magazine looked like back then:

Arthur Baldwin Turnure

However, things changed and Arthur decided to sell the magazine to someone else. In 1905, Condé Nast bought it from him and decided he wanted bigger things for the magazine. Vogue had to be international according to him. First, he went to England. Next were Spain, Italy and France. All of those countries loved the magazine and that’s how Vogue became very popular. Also, Vogue became a bi-weekly publication, which means it appeared in stores every two weeks instead of weekly. Popularity changed and so did the covers.

Here is what the covers looked like while Condé Nast was in control:

Condé Nast

As you can see, all of the covers were illustrations. But that changed in the 1930’s. The illustrated covers were replaced with photos.

The magazine started to look like this:


1973 was the year Grace Mirabelle took over and she turned Vogue into a monthly publication. Some serious changes were made. The style and look was adjusted so it would correspond better with the readers.

Take a look at some covers:


In 1988, Vogue was about to become the biggest success it had ever been. At age 38, Anne Wintour became editor in chief of the magazine. She decided to make the brand younger and more approachable. By making the subjects and fashion more accessible, she spoke to a wider audience and gained readers very quickly. At first, Vogue was meant for rich people, who could afford very expensive clothes. But now, the magazine mixes expensive clothing with affordable items. This was the key to success! Anna Wintour has been the editor in chief for almost 40 years. Can you imagine?!

Here are some covers troughout the years, while Anna was/is in charge:

Year: 1990


Year: 2000


Year: 2010


Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Miley Cyrus.

Riri Kimye Smiley

Naomi Campbell, Beyonce Knowles and Taylor Swift. 

Naomi Bey Tay

As you can see, Vogue has gone trough many changes. Everything has lead to this moment and the success it now has. Anna Wintour has grown Vogue into a publication with over 10 million readers.


Chanel is one of her favorite brands to wear and one of her best friends is Karl Lagerfeld.


Fun fact: Anna was once fired from a fashion magazine, called Harper’s Bazaar, because they thought she didn’t understand what the audience wanted. That’s one big mistake they made!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this. I find it so interesting to know how something or someone becomes such a big success. Anna Wintour knew what the audience was asking for and she gave it to them. That’s what made her so successful. She worked hard and now she has achieved her goals. I hope this is a message for you too. Just keep working hard, listen to what people are saying, give it your own spin and believe in yourself. Keep pushing, stay true to yourself and eventually everything will fall into place.

Maybe one day you’ll earn 2 million dollars a year, just like Anna Wintour. She spends 200 000 dollars on her clothes, per year! That’s insane, isn’t it? But here’s one thing you need to remember:

“Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?”

– Anna Wintour

Thank you for stopping by and until next time,

Sofie Senden x


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