Having curly hair isn’t always very glamorous. Brush trough your hair one time, and you are left with a birds nest on top of your head. Luckily for me I have found the products that help me transform my hair into the style I like best!





Here’s my hair routine: After I get out of the shower, I let my hair air dry. Blow drying your hair can be very damaging and if you aren’t in a hurry, air dry is the best option. When my hair is completely dry, I spray the Syoss Oleo Intense Thermo Care: Micro Spray-Traetment in my hair to protect it from the heat from my flatiron. Let it set for a couple of seconds while turning on your flatiron. I use the Remington S-1051. I like to flatiron my hair from the top to the midsection of my hair, and once I’ve reached that midsection, I twist my flatiron so my hair is wrapped around it and just go all the way down. This method leaves you with natural and loose curls. After I have done this to all of my hair, I like to add some product to make my hair shiny and soft. I mix the Syoss Beauty Elixir Absolute Oil and the Herbal Essences Spitzen Star and apply it to my hair. Finally, if you want your curls to last longer or just give it some extra volume, just add any hairspray. I use the Wella ProSeries Friz Control Hairspray.

After I’ve applied all of these steps, I feel a bit less like a witch and I am finally able to leave my house. Hopefully these products can help all of you who struggle with a similar problem!

Thank you for stopping by and until next time,

Sofie xo

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